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Thanks for stopping by. Here at Charlizee we will be bring you resources from around the internet about the more common health problems and also the diets that can be of best health benefit no matter what your sport.

We will also bring you the best links in positive thinking so that you know how to be confident and more than reach the goals you set for yourself in life. Having a positive attitude is essential to enjoying good health.

Sport such as Golf and Golf Technique

If you want to keep healthy it is always a good idea to take up some sort of physical activity. We will bring you information about sport for your overall health and well being.  One such example is the game of golf. We will show you difference resources available to you, to improve your sport, whether it be golf and improving your golf swing, or what ever it is you want to do to improve your enjoyment of the sport you love. For more information, try out this site: Golf Secrets

Wheatgrass Diets and Health

We know from personal experience, the benefits of including wheatgrass alkaline in your diet for overall well being.  However, we will also look at the full range of keeping your pH balance level, including the alkaline diet.

Health, Sport and Diet – all 3 are essential elements that are very much linked to each other. You need to have a healthy balance of all three in your life, if you want your immune system to be strong and able to fight embarrassing symptoms of erectile dysfunction, yeast infections (candida) and many many other ailments such as back pain problems.

Tinnitus Remedies

There are many “instant cure” bullets on the market, but do they work? Many only bring relief but only on a temporary basis. We have found this site that makes no rash promises about curing your tinnitus problem instantly. It is written by someone who has suffered for years with ringing in the ears and noises that kept him awake. If you want the real truth about what works, click Tinnitus Remedies now!

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We take an holisitic approach to health and well being. We strongly believe in the power of positive thinking – without positive thinking there can be minimal increases in health and well being. Start your positive thinking programme today by checking out positive thinking ppt.